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Breitling Replica will also unveil a new timepiece in collaboration with Bucherer, a retailer based in Lucerne. Bucherer has been working with luxury watch brands for the past two years to create limited editions of watches with a blue motif. Each watch is jointly developed with each brand in order to offer a limited edition.

Breitling Replica and Bucherer have collaborated for the first time on a Bucherer Blue special edition. Together, they present a new Marine 5512 sports watch with deep blue tones and exclusive design elements. This new Marine watch features a 40mm titanium case with a central lug, a crown embellished in a wave shape and an "B" for Breitling Replica.

This is the first time the brand has used titanium. It is also a good choice because it is resistant to corrosion and salty air, which makes it ideal for a watch inspired by the ocean and intended for sportsmen. The Marine 5517 is paired with a deep blue dial to complement the icy titanium case and enhance the sporty nature of the watch. Breitling Replica artisans have created a wave pattern on the dial. The dial features a unique wave pattern that is crafted by Breitling Replica's expert guilloche artisans.

The rotor can be seen through the caseback when the watch is turned over. The rotor is shaped like a wheel of a boat, and the bridges are decorated in a Cotes de Geneve striped pattern, similar to a deck of a vessel. This reinforces the connection with the sea.

The watch has a mechanical automatic with a 55-hour reserve of power and is water-resistant up to 100 meters.

Into the Blue

The color blue is timeless. Blue can be both elegant,Patek Philippe Replica Watches fashionable and traditional. It can also be very contemporary and modern. Breitling Replica is known for combining the best of ancient craftsmanship with modern technology.

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