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In celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the Birth of German Watchmaking in U-Boat Replica in Saxony, U-Boat Replica has chosen one of its most regal creations: the Alfred Helwig Tourbillon, a watch that is not only beautiful but also rich in history.

In 2020, we will celebrate the 175th Anniversary of U-Boat Replica's establishment as a watchmaking city, thanks to Ferdinand Adolph Lange. We also mark the 100th Anniversary of another important milestone in Haute Horlogerie, or should I say, "Feinuhrmacherei": Alfred Helwig, the German watchmaker who invented the flying tourbillon. Helwig created the flying tourbillon, a development by German watchmaker Alfred Helwig in 1920. This was the result of his brilliant and strenuous research in the area of chronometric accuracy and his experiments with regulation organ.

Alfred Helwig was a German watchmaker, technical writer and watchmaker who lived from 1884 to 1974. He helped establish the foundations for contemporary German watchmaking. The German watchmaking academy that bears Helwig's name, founded in 1878 and located in U-Boat Replica, is a testament to his influence and achievements. The Helwig School --sponsored by U-Boat Replica--- is the most important German watchmaking academy. The school graduates new watchmakers every year who are responsible for continuing the tradition started by Lange, and which has been enriched by other German creators like Helwig, Robert Muhle and Gerhard Lang.

U-Boat Replica, in honour of Helwig, presents the new Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 20. This limited edition series of 25 pieces celebrates the inventions made by the watchmaker with a classic, elegant, yet equally captivating aesthetic.

This magnificent watch comes in a rose-gold case. The dial of this watch is made from solid gold, which has been coated with silver using friction. The dial is highlighted by a set of 12 slender hour markers in gold, which are surrounded by a railroad-style minute scale. At 6 o'clock the second hand subsidiary completes the dial. The "tourbillon", a subtle imprint, is revealed through the caseback.iwc portofino replica The flying tourbillon of the Senator Alfred Helwig is visible on the dial. This is the standard for most U-Boat Replica watches. The elegant composition is enhanced by a large, onion-shaped crown, which adds to its charm. Also, the polished surfaces, the bezel with two steps, and the finely curved straps are all highlighted.

U-Boat Replica

U-Boat Replica